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The most common problem nowadays, in terms of weight, is having extra pounds and finding ways to lose them. But there are also cases of women with the exact opposite problem.

As unlikely as it may seem to some, skinny women face many difficulties while trying to gain weight.

There are a number of cases where due to low weight, they face significant metabolic dysfunctions that make the functioning of the body worse and make the effort of gaining weight even more difficult.

Therefore, as hard as it may be for a woman to lose weight, the same can be said about another trying to lose it. So, what is the right way for a woman to gain weight but in a healthy way?  

1. Good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not eat breakfast you are more likely to lose weight.

It is essential to recharge your batteries within one hour at the latest after you wake up. There are many breakfast options.

What is important here is to combine complex carbohydrates, a source of protein and some fresh fruit or natural juice that you can eat or drink before breakfast for even better digestion. For example, you eat an apple, and then two slices of high-fat bread with tahini and honey or with yogurt.

2. Consistent meals

It is very important not to miss meals or spend too many hours without eating. This doesn’t mean that you will eat constantly. You have to let your stomach digest before you eat your next meal.

The important thing is to follow a schedule and have some way of keeping track of the hours you eat. It will be very helpful to have a written schedule and keep a calendar of what you eat and the hours you eat.

3. Smart snacks

They give you energy between meals to keep your body from using its own stocks. Usually, fruits are a good choice. They give you energy but they don’t put you through a complicated digestive process.

That way, you stay light and wait for the full meal, that follows in 2-3 hours. It is a good idea to combine fruit with nuts. That way you make your snack more nutritious and give your body extra calories, good fat, and protein.

Nuts and seeds are one of the most important foods someone should put into their diet if they want to increase their weight in a good way. You can add them to salads, breakfast cereals, yogurt or desserts. You can also eat them in a cream form such as peanut butter, almond paste, and tahini.

4. Good protein

A good protein source is one that doesn’t have a lot of saturated fat. We usually find it in nuts, seeds, fish, lean meat, light dairy products, and leafy green vegetables. A good example is spinach which contains a lot of protein.

Protein is also included in a significant amount in whole grains and legumes. With a variety of clever combinations, you can have all of the essential amino acids your body needs.

The important thing to remember is that you do not need to consume large amounts of protein. The saying that excess protein is converted into muscle is a myth.

Yes, you need high-quality protein to build muscle mass and you definitely need a little extra if you work out intensively, but the excess protein is converted into energy by a body process that is quite burdensome for your body.

It is better to get as much protein as you need from the best source possible and from there to take care of your energy needs with complex carbohydrates and good fats.

5. Good fats

Natural, unprocessed fats are good choices. The important thing is to avoid the hydrogenated fats contained in processed foods as well as the saturated fats found in products of animal origin.

Fish, in addition to high-value proteins, also contain good fats, which makes them great if you want to gain weight. Good fats are also found in virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and tahini.

6. Complex carbohydrates

They are available in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. These should be the main source of energy. But you should avoid simple processed carbohydrates such as white flour and its products.

Choose whole grains, such as dark pasta, black bread, long-grain bread, wild rice, whole wheat, etc. All these foods besides carbohydrates contain a significant amount of protein, which complements the total protein you receive.

A very important combination of dietary groups is legumes with cereals, for example lentils with wild rice. This is how you provide your body with both complex carbohydrates and protein because when these foods are combined, they complement the amino acid content of the meal.

Carrots, potatoes, and celery are also good sources of complex carbohydrates. This should be the basis of your diet, covering about half of your daily energy needs.

7. Nutritional supplements

Dietary supplements are very useful. They can offer you something you may lack but their usage depends on your personal needs.

If you eat organic foods and you have a variety of foods in your diet, you will not need many supplements but in many cases, it is a good idea to take a natural supplement.

A good choice is these Women’s Gummy Vitamins, which are a natural multivitamin. It gives us all the nutrients our body needs.

Beyond that, there are many options to suit our needs. There are certain supplements that help you gain weight because they contain certain amino acids.

You should talk to a specialist for more information. You do not need protein supplements if you eat well and follow the above tips.

However, if you decide to take some, I would suggest it to be from vegetable sources such as rice protein or pea protein. In my opinion, they are better choices than milk or soy protein.

8. Exercising

Nutrition alone is not enough. To get the right weight and build a strong body, you need to work out. It is important to avoid strenuous aerobics and focus on weight training or resistance exercises to build your body.

This must be done by following a program and without exaggeration. A personal trainer can help. But you can start on your own, with exercises that use your body weight, such as pull-ups and push-ups.

But never go beyond your limits unless you are with an expert you trust. And don’t forget that mild aerobics is also necessary (for example walking, biking and swimming) as well as some flexibility exercises such as stretches.

So, it is very important that you integrate exercises into your daily routine because it will help you achieve your goal faster.

Exercise will increase your muscle mass and thus the weight you will gain will be mainly muscle and less fat.

9. Rest well

You must let your body rest and regenerate. Muscles are built at night when you are asleep.

Also, the regeneration of tissues, organs, and cells takes place. At the same time, the absorption and distribution of nutrients from food to the cells of the body becomes equally important.

If you want to gain weight properly and build a strong body you must get good quality sleep. Resting helps overall body health and is one of the foundations of wellness and energy.

You need to allow the body to rest after a strenuous workout. According to many experts and gymnasts, the interval between strenuous exercise needs to be at least 48 hours to fully regenerate and rebuild muscle tissue.

But don’t forget to relax your mind along with your body with techniques that help relieve stress and help you calm down.

10. Positive thinking

The mind plays a very important role. You have to believe in what you want and be positive and supportive of yourself.

Have a clear picture of the ideal body for you and know deep down that you will succeed in the end. Feel confident that one day you will achieve your goal.

The most important thing is to keep going. The only way to fail is to give up. Never give up!

Even if you need more time to get what you want. It takes patience to put on weight properly and build your body. If you hurry, you will make mistakes and gain pounds the wrong way.

The important thing is to know what you want, to have many reasons to succeed and to follow the action plan with patience and perseverance.

Do not weigh yourself daily

One very important tip that may seem insignificant is to not weigh yourself daily. If you’re used to weighing yourself daily, you better stop!

You may become obsessed with your weight and anxiety will overwhelm you all the time. The result is that we get frustrated and give up early.

If we weigh ourselves daily, we can easily come to misleading conclusions. The state of our hydration changes from hour to hour, resulting in rapid and unpredictable weight fluctuations.

You have to be patient and weigh yourself once a week! Choosing the day is up to you.

You should weigh yourself once a week and always at the same time. The best time is in the morning, before breakfast.

That is, when there has been a long period of fasting, at least an 8-hour sleep, thus eliminating the possibility of fictitious weight gain.

Psychology plays a very important role

Bad psychology, whether it is about a woman who wants to lose weight or someone who is trying to gain weight, is a very important factor.

It is important in any case to feel good about your body because the image you have of it is directly linked to your psychology.

It may not be a simple matter to get the necessary pounds, but the effort counts and it will justify you.

Dietitian help

Of course, there is always the choice of going to a dietitian, because it is harder to make a proper diet plan yourself.

The nutritionist will make sure to make a program to your own needs, helping you increase your weight easier and quicker.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Generally, since each body is different, we can say that consuming about 500 to 700 extra calories every day is enough to get half a kilo in a week, which is a healthy and achievable goal.


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